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Colloidal Fuels

Colloidal fuels (or CCW) are non-settling colloidal dispersions of solid fuels (coal, petcoke, asphaltite) in liquid form.

A typical CCW has the following composition:

• 60 – 70% fuel
• 30 – 40% water
• 0.3 – 0.7% additive

• B&W colloidal coal in water test results

On January 2011 a series of tests were completed at Babcock & Wilcox facilities, in order to evaluate CCW’s combustion characteristics and gather relevant and scalable data for power generation.

On CCW firing, the following was observed regarding the flame:

• Easy to stabilize
• Less soot formation
• Sparkles at burner level when atomizer A/F ratio is low
• At optimum conditions, flames look similar to HFO

CCW Handling (video)

CCW Flame (video)
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